Monday, July 2, 2007

Bienvinidos a Costa Rica

Let the adventure and pure life begin in gorgeous Costa Rica! After a complete day of flying my mother and myself landed in humid San Jose. We were driven to our swanky Hotel le Bergarac in an over packed muggy van with the most obnoxious girl I have ever met, Jenna from Ole Miss. She was drinking and smoking on the mini-van and saying the most retarded things, and then started to read some sexually graphic phrases from her Spanish/English phrase book. We soon found out that she would be studying at the same Spanish school as us, and our hearts began to ache.

Our hotel and staff were very nice, but informed us that the electricity would be turned off the next day from 7 am - 4pm for repairs. I just figured I wouldn´t blow dry and straighten my hair the next day, no big deal, but when I went to get in the shower there was no water either. Not something I wanted to deal with when I hadn´t washed my now greasy hair in 2 days.

After a yummy breakfast of juevos, tostada y frutas, we decided to ask if they knew where the San Jose temple was and how far, el temple de Mormones. The luggage boy, who spoke pretty good English, said there was la iglesia not far, like 2 blocks. Could we possibly be only 2 blocks from a church and not even know it, and could he have the right church? So I changed into a skirt and off we went, down one block and over a block to a big white building with a sign reading, La Iglesia de Jesu Christo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias. We got there in time for Sunday School and Relief Society, but I understood about 5% of what was said.

The Interbus picked us up around 2:30 and we were in for a fun 4 hour ride through the mountainous back country of CR on our way down to Quepos. The scenery was quite lovely but with no A/C the trip was a bit lacking, especially when it started to rain and would come in through the open window. Good thing I didn´t do my hair after all.


Anonymous said...

aww thet're chapels are so perrty!!!