Saturday, July 14, 2007

Today was interesting and fun for many reasons:

  1. we went on a full day white water rafting trip and the main road that took us there was ridiculously bumpy.
  2. on the road we caught up to the presidents motorcade as he traveled the bumpy road to see how desperate money was needed for its repair. Only thing is that one of his cronies in a black truck would not let us pass, no matter how fast or crazy our driver tried to get by.
  3. our driver should be a professional off-road driver with how fast he likes to take tight mountainous dirt road turns, or how fast he likes to speed through puddles. There were a few times it got really scary, and the crazy thing is that I think he really enjoys it and gets a thrill out of it.
  4. we sat in the front of the raft this time which brings you MUCH closer to the action, almost too close and rode some amazing rapids.
  5. we stopped half-way down the river to walk up to a beautiful waterfall that could be magical.
  6. Dustin from OleMiss fell out of our raft 3 times. Yep 3! The last time actually getting a little stuck under the raft which held him down for a good 8 seconds or so.
  7. we had some great casado at Marlin Restaurant in Manuel Antonio which was included in the cost of our trip.

Sorry no pictures to add from our trip down the river but there wasn´t a guide taking pictures this time.