Wednesday, July 4, 2007

La playa de Manuel Antonio

My mind wandered a lot yesterday during class as I was sitting there on the terrace overlooking the gorgeous ocean in the distance. It is quite the bummer to have afternoon classes when the afternoon is so beautiful and instead I´m in class. My friend Pamela from DC didn´t make it to class because she was on a tour, so it was just me and Charlotte from London, who is originally from Germany, and our teacher, Adrianna.

After dinner last night our host parents invited us on a walk with them down to the port. We walked out on the pier where several men were fishing and our ticos explained to us how the harbor is being worked on to make it deeper so that they can have an actual marina with boats. At least that is what I understood, the conversation could have easily been about how shoes are made.

This morning I took the bus all the way into Manuel Antonio where I enjoyed the beach. It very much reminds me of Nai Yang Beach in Phuket, Thailand, with the long stretch of sand, the chairs for hire and the vendors walking the beach with their goods for sale.

I practically have this same type of picture from Thailand.

There are little open air shops all along the street which I will frequent more often when I have more time. Today I just soaked in the sun and finished my book Veil of Roses.