Monday, July 16, 2007


Sunday morning we payed our $7 dollars to enter the Manuel Antonio Park and Beach, where ticos only have to pay 1000 colones, which comes out to $2. We spent a few hours at the lovely secluded beach basking in the sun and seeing the monos close up.

We hurried back to town where we ate at this shady looking but delicious little bbq stand and then stood in front of Marlin Restaurant waiting to be picked up for our kayak through the mangroves tour. We waited and waited and then we waited some more. After about 45 minutes we asked if we could use the restaurants phone to call the tour company but they said they didn't have the number. After another 5 minutes we ended up taking a taxi to Iguana Tours. Evidently there had been some misunderstanding about the pickup place for they had been waiting and waiting for us. We went home dejected and sad.