Saturday, July 21, 2007

Riding ATVs can be muddy

We attempted to hike down this trail to the river below but it got a bit steep and slippery, so we turned back. On the way back up we came upon a creature in the middle of the trail which surprised and frightened me enough to make me scream. It was an armadillo and I'm not sure who was freaked out more, me or the armadillo that tore off as soon as I screamed. My question is, what are armadillos doing in Costa Rica? I had no idea they were residents here.

Our hotel has some natural hot spring pools that progressively get hotter the further up you go. They are quite nice and relaxing.

Our hotel also has some really amazing flora and fauna.

The main reason we came to the La Fortuna area is because of the Volcano Arenal. We can view it right out our front door and were able to see the top of it this morning while at breakfast.

Strapping on a helmet does not make one an expert ATV rider, just ask my mother. We signed up for an ATV tour today and set out with our group on a semi difficult and technical course. There was this steep part with uneven terrain and mud at the bottom, and what does my mother do but fall off. Don't worry she is okay and is quite the trooper because she got right back on, but her behind was quite muddy.

We rode all the way over to La Fortuna falls but didn't make the hike down because it would have taken too long.

On the open stretches I got up to speeds of 75 and hit a mud puddle that was a lot bigger and deeper than I realized while going about 30, causing a wall of mud to envelope me. No worries we just went across a river so that I could get the mud off.