Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not your ordinary Sunday

Sorry I´ve been so behind in my posts, but honestly the Internet connections here are not always the best. I have to often restrain myself from screaming at the painstakingly slow computer or from even picking it up and throwing it against the wall. But I shall refrain from making a spectacle of myself. But seriously it usually takes me about 10 minutes to upload a single picture, so you can understand my frustration.

Seeing that there is no ward/branch here in Quepos, we are making the most of our weekends and doing activities. Sunday we decided to go on a catamaran tour which was okay. We had a pelican land on the boat and stayed with us for about 15 minutes before flying off. We pulled into a cove near a rock for about 30 minutes of snorkeling which was 29 minutes too long. Don´t get me wrong, I love snorkeling and scuba diving, just not in water with only 1 foot visibility. The one great thing about the tour was lunch: pasta salad, fruit and delicious fish kabobs. I could have sworn it was chicken but I was proved wrong when we asked the cook. Who knew fish could taste so good?

We were able to spend a good 3 hours at the beach Manuel Antonio after our catamaran tour, and then went to Mass with our papas ticos at 6pm. Let me just say that it was very hard to not fall asleep during the hour long Mass which was conducted in Spanish (of course it was) but the hard pews of wood made it very uncomfortable.