Friday, June 29, 2007

Hectic day in the city

Well, today was quite the opposite from yesterday. I didn't have a care in the world yesterday as I relaxed at the beach and soaked in the sun. Today I found myself running from place to place like a chicken with it's head cut off, which unfortunately included me locking my keys in my car. Yep, halfway through my jammed pack day of picking up my pay stub, stopping by the ATM to get money out for tithing (I hate writing checks and haven't written one in over 4 years), returning some pants to Express for them to take the security censor thing off, getting my bangs trimmed, buying a new straight iron because my new one is already defunct, getting a pedicure, taking my brothers dog to the vet to have his ears re-wrapped, dropping a package off at the post office for my cousin serving a mission in the West Indies, picking up some new face moisturizer, I found myself outside my car and the keys inside, with the doors locked. Mind you this happened about halfway through the carefully orchestrated schedule that I had going on and it really brought my day to a screeching halt.

(You might be asking why I felt the need to do all of these errands in one day, and why I couldn't do some of them tomorrow, but the answer to that will come in my next post, so stay tuned. )

Back to my crazy story of the keys. I thought I had a Hide-a-Key under my car, so I humbled myself to get down on the dirty, hot asphalt of the Target parking lot and look under my car. But, to my misfortune I could not find it anywhere. A kind lady allowed me to borrow her phone to see if I could call someone to bring me my extra set, seeing I had also locked my purse and cell phone inside, but no one responded to my calls. While inside at the Target Customer Service desk, escaping from the 97 degree heat, I became even more aggravated as I called locksmith after locksmith who said they had no one available. What really got me was when one of them said that because of my car's make and model they would not be able to open it, and that I would have to call a tow truck to take my car to the dealer to have them open it. What asinine nonsense! Short of the long, I finally found a company that could get a guy to my location within 10 minutes, he opened it up, and $125 dollars later I was on my way again.


Emily, Julia, and Annie said...


Blinx here. I entered the 21st century as well and have a blog with my sisters. Check it out! I love that you have one!!!

Anonymous said...

Triple A

Anne Lee said...

That is horribly annoying! I'm grateful for keyless entry on my Explorer. as long as i remember the number, i'm good to go. phew. also, i will take your plea seriously, and i will teach my children proper beach etiquette!!

Damesh said...

This happened to me with the car running during the summer. My locks on my subaru forester locked automatically with the key in the ignition. Don't know why. I had gotten out of the car to help my niece and heard the locks go -click click click. My 11 month old son was in the car.I called emergency locksmith company and they sent a locksmith. Within 15 minutes time, the locksmith arrived. He checked my ID and opened the car.It took him about 10 minutes. They were great.