Friday, July 20, 2007

Ultima Dia

Seeing that there tends to be a this crazy tradition at COSI, where "graduating" students give a farewell speech, we conveniently booked our flight to Arenal for Friday morning, in an effort to avoid the embarrassment. We may not be able to speak Spanish, but we ain't stupid either. Our certificates of completion were given to us unceremoniously on Thursday at the end of class and we skipped out with pleasure. I headed down to the beach for the last time and attempted to soak up my last bit of sun, but unfortunately it was a bit overcast.

Later that afternoon while out getting supplies to cook breakfast in the morning and last minute souvenirs, we were literally dumped on. I mean it rains here almost everyday and we have had our fair share of downpours, but this one was a doosie. Even with our ever present umbrellas, we were soaked through and through. All in all we had a great time.

Just as we arrived home, one of the guides from the rafting company stopped the taxi he was in and asked if I wanted to go out later. So we met up around 9:30 and headed to a really good BBQ restaurant.


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