Monday, October 22, 2007

Sans electricity is not fun!

Reading is fun

Reading in bed is fun

Reading in bed when the electricity goes out is not fun

The Santa Ana winds are of the devil and make me sooo mad!

I was sitting in bed Sunday morning going over my talk that I had to give later that day in Sacrament meeting. When all of a sudden the wind picks up, I hear the crackling of electricity, and then the lights go out. I just figured they would come back on in a minute or two. Okay, maybe in like 5 minutes. Alright how about after 30?! After an hour of no electricity the implications began to race through my head. In order:

  1. oh man, I might have to take a cold shower if the water heater is out too. I hate cold showers!

  2. I won't be able to do my hair seeing that my blow dryer and straight iron take electricity. I could do it curly but what about my bangs? I still need the blow dryer for that.

  3. oops, I meant to iron my shirt last night, you know that whole Saturday is a special day... and it will take electricity to heat up my iron in order to get the wrinkles out.

  4. if I want to cook anything for breakfast or lunch I won't be able to use the microwave or stove/oven. Plus, the food in my fridge might go bad and that would really make me sad, because I hate to spend lots of money on food, which makes me mad.

  5. uh oh, my car is in my garage which will inevitably take electricity for the garage door to go up.

With all of these obstacles it is a miracle that I made it to church. But I am resourceful, took a quick shower, puffed back my bangs although the rest of my hair looked like crap, my shirt didn't look too bad once I actually got to church, I ate left over pizza and cereal, and went to the leasing office for them to open my garage door. Plus this all made for an entertaining opener for my talk. But, I'm glad it is over.