Wednesday, March 19, 2008

3 x a Winner

Kyle and I have this little competitive nature between us, which makes sports and activities fun. For example, he thought he could kick my trash at pool (and frankly I did too seeing that I'm not that great) but I somehow managed to win both games. And no he did not let me win because he was playing to win. Then there is the fact that we have now gone to play racquetball three times and each time I have won. Kyle can get a bit frustrated during play to the point where this last time one of his hits got me right in the eye. I fell to the floor in shock and couldn't believe the luck of the ball hitting me right in the eye. Kyle felt extremely horrible, as he should, but no worries because a few plays later I got him right in the eye. We were thinking we would have matching black eyes but nothing really developed, and I'm sort of bummed because I think it would have been funny.


HILL HESS said...

2 black eyes- now that would have made a GREAT post! :)