Friday, December 14, 2007

There's a BOY in the girls locker room!!!!!!

True Story:

Names have been changed to protect identity

Part I

A boy goes into the boy's locker room and tells Mr. Scott, "I need to talk to Ms. Leigh." With all the commotion and crazy stuff going on in a boys locker room, Mr. Scott responds, "well okay, go find her."

So said boy, lets call him Silly Billy, goes outside to the PE area to find Ms. Leigh. She is nowhere to be found, so he asks a girl where he could find Ms. Leigh. Girl answers by saying she thinks Ms. Leigh is in the girls locker room. Who knows what Silly Billy is thinking at this point but he needs to talk to Ms. Leigh and she is inside the girls locker room.

Part II

Ms. Leigh and Ms. Laura are having a friendly conversation in the coach's office inside the girls locker room. Ms. Leigh glances at the window separating into where the girls change their clothes, and to her surprise there is a boy staring back at her with a look of desperation. Ms. Leigh jumps out of her chair and proclaims, "there's a boy in the locker room!!!!" She zig zags through the TA's office into the locker room, grabs the boy by the shirt and pulls him into the equipment room. Ms. Laura hops out of her chair because she thought Ms. Leigh said, "there's a fight in the locker room!!!" She looks through the glass into each row, checks each mirror but is unable to locate the fight or any sort of unusual movement. She steps into the TA's office to get a better view when she sees Ms. Leigh whisk a boy past her into the back room where they keep the equipment.

Part III

"What are you doing in here?!" demands Ms. Leigh. Silly Billy sheepishly states, " I wanted to know if I could go to the band room to practice for our upcoming concert?"

"Yes, just go, go go." Ms. Leigh responds as she pushes him out the back door.


Anna said...

Poor Silly Billy, and poor girls. I am sure both will have nightmares for the next 5 years. Thanks for sharing the funny story.