Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday Driving

Now I've heard of the expression "Sunday driver" and have seen it first hand by my grandfather, but today I saw it in a whole new definition. I was driving home from church and coming up on a four way intersection, where there was a middle divider dividing the left turn lane from oncoming traffic. As I approached I past a car but they were on the wrong side of the divider and she was now in the left turn lane but going the wrong direction. Luckily all the other cars were going straight and none had to go into the left turn lane as it was now blocked. I felt a bit of concern and nervousness as to how this situation would be rectified, hoping an accident would not ensue seeing that I would probably get hit in the event, but they lady waited for all the cars to stop at the red, drove past us, did a U-turn and returned to the left turn lane but in the correct direction this time.

Reminds me of my dad driving in Austin this past week where he cut a left turn too short and ended up on the wrong side of a middle divider. With everyone in the car screaming at him and the headlights of a car approaching, he was lucky enough to cross the divider as it was only a 20 foot stretch of grass with no curbs. Good one dad!