Saturday, August 25, 2007

Divining Rods make a comeback

I spent 4 cold but fabulous months in Nauvoo, Illinois back in 2004 and learned some amazing things. One crazy but cool thing I learned was while we were on our Western field trip and were in Mt Pisgah, Iowa. You loosely hold two metal wands/sticks parallel in your hands and walk. The wands will cross each other when there is a water source, or will indicate where the earth has been disturbed for say an old building. You see this things in old movies or cartoons and think that its all crockery, but in fact they worked while we were there.

Brother Lambert getting a kick out of the divining rods

My good friend Kara amazed at the possibility

Now I write about this because yesterday as I was driving home from some errands and was waiting in the left turn lane I noticed a workman off to my left with these two rods in his hands. He then proceeded to venture into the street, when no cars were coming, and would spray paint on the asphalt at the location that his rods would magically cross. It instantly made me think of Mt Pisgah and astonished me that with all the sophistry of instruments and technology he could be using, instead he was using two humble metal rods.