Sunday, September 9, 2007

BYU vs. the cheating UCLA Bruins

Saturday the family ventured down to Pasadena, where we put up with some horrible things. First, we had to deal with the mile trek from our parking spot to the Rose Bowl. I kid you not, we were about a mile away and had to walk for about 20 minutes. At least it was through a nice golf course and not some shady neighborhood or something. Then we had to deal with the horrible calls from the officials, that were all in favor of the cheating Bruins. If they had called them correctly, I guarantee the outcome or score would have been different. I suppose the pride of UCLA was more important to them than the possibility of BYU.

My sister Erin, my adorable nephew Chase, me and my dad


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I was so upset that we lost! We played sooo much better than them! Stupid Olson who betrayed BYU didn't help either! Lol! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh it's Brooke by the way! Haha