Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cars & Baseball

Last Saturday was fun filled and exciting. Kyle and I headed down to LA where we visited the Petersen Automotive Museum, seeing that he is a lover of all things cars. I actually really enjoyed it and learned a lot as he explained and shared his vast amount of knowledge.

One of the featured exhibits was Low Riders, which is very fitting for So Cal.

After the museum we headed down to the Coliseum where my roommate got us tickets for the Dodgers vs. Red Sox game. The Dodgers are celebrating their 50th anniversary of coming to Los Angeles and it was 50 years ago to the day that the Dodgers played their first game in the Coliseum. A record setting 115,300 fans attended the game, it's just too bad the Dodgers lost.

My roommate Cindy, me & Kyle enjoying the Dodger game

Funny & True Story about My Roommate Cindy
Background Info:
Before coming to the game Cindy and her friends had a little pre-game party with a bit of drinking going on. Due to the large amount of cars and people going to the game, they opted to take the Metro from her friends house in South Gate to the Coliseum. Once in the parking lot and grounds of the Coliseum they continued the partying with some additional drinking. During the game while sitting at our seats in the very top and last row, Cindy had a few more 5-7 beers.
The Phone Calls:
Around 10:30 pm I received a call from Cindy's best friend Julie. Julie informed me that they could not find Cindy and was wondering if I knew anything about her whereabouts. I told her that I had last seen her heading down the steep steps during the 7th inning to what I presumed was the restroom.
At 12:30 am I received a call from Julie but this time she was calling from Cindy's phone. She proceeded to tell me that they still could not find Cindy and that they had her phone and not Cindy.
At 7:30 am Julie called again from Cindy's phone still looking for Cindy. The cops said they would
have a better chance of tracking her down if they could have her driver's license number, so could I go in her room and search through some papers to find it if possible.
The Finding:
I hung up with Julie and told her I would call her back after I looked through Cindy's stuff and then walked to her room. I briefly knocked on the door and then walked into a freezing cold room to find Cindy rolled up in her comforter on her bed. I let out a huge sigh of relief because I was really starting to worry about what could have happened to her.
What Happened-According to Cindy:
She went to the bathroom with a friend during the 7th inning and when she came out she couldn't find her friend or anyone else. She looked and looked but everyone was gone. She didn't know what Metro to take back to Julie's house seeing that she hadn't really paid attention on the way down and didn't have her phone, so she just got on the Metro that was the most crowded. When she got off she didn't know where she was so she ended flagging down and cab and having it take her all the way to our apartment, a good 55 miles and $100 dollars later.


Anonymous said...

Cheryl, are you sure Cindy wants you to tell this story? LOL...Brent

HILL HESS said...

Awesome cars! Poor Cindy! I'm glad I don't drink- I'm a disaster as it is!!