Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dumont Dunes Thanksgiving 2011

This trip didn't turn out as planned but we made the best of it anyways. 

The plan was for all of us to drive up to Dumont Monday morning, stay 5 days, have Thanksgiving all together and then come back home Friday afternoon. mother-in-law woke up Monday at 3 am with extreme pain in her side and abdomen.  So much so that she decided to go to the hospital.  Turns out she had kidney stones.  Kyle's parents told us to just go without them and they would head up when the kidney stones had passed and she was feeling better.  Turns out they released her from the hospital around 10 am and she was doing much better, so they decided we would all head up as planned. 
The kidney stones reared their ugly head twice more while we at the dunes, and then it was decided that she needed to leave and get to a hospital again.  Kyle and I stayed behind seeing that it wouldn't do any good to have 6 people in the hospital room staring at her waiting and waiting for them to pass.  My family came up on Wednesday and spent the day riding and hanging out, Kyle and I had Thanksgiving with friends, and then brought the motor home and trailer home.

Kyle pulling Kaleb

My sister Erin enjoying the ride

My brother Brian tearing it up

Our friend Troy let my brother Brian give his bike a go

Brian getting some air

Kyle teaching Zeke how to ride

My dad Mark putting around with his grandson Zeke

Zeke better learn to love the dunes with his Auntie Cheryl

Zeke getting a better view while driving the Rhino

Thanksgiving dinner with the Andersons and Hickens