Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This past Saturday we hosted a Photo Scavenger Hunt.  Coworkers and friends had to create teams of 4-5 people and wear matching color shirts.  I then gave them a list of things that they had to take pictures with/doing as they drove around the city.  After a 3 hour time limit all teams met back at our house where we looked at all the team pictures on the TV and laughed hysterically at the craziness.  Some of the 40+ things we had to do:

Take a picture with a guy wearing a tie. 
We just happened to see the Elders riding by and chased them down.

 Jumping in a bounce house

 With a librarian

 In a shopping cart

 In a military, security or police uniform

 In a wheelbarrow

 Human pyramid with strangers

 Playing hopscotch


Camelia said...

Love it! Nothing like capturing each moment.