Wednesday, May 6, 2009

State STAR Testing

I somehow had a lack of judgment and signed up to be the testing coordinator at my school site. So, top reasons I don't like the STAR test:

  1. found out the day of staff meeting and 3 days before testing that the CAT 6 tests had been eliminated, which messed up our whole testing calendar.
  2. found out that our principal was informed about the elimination of the CAT 6 but never bothered to inform us and even approved our testing calendar.
  3. not receiving enough CMA test booklets
  4. having to scrounge up enough boxes of pencils and then sharpen all of them
  5. stupid teachers who don't read scripted instructions
  6. teachers who are rude and demanding about changing the schedule to accommodate her
  7. same rude teacher who was testing coordinator for the past 2 years and should know how difficult it is to change the schedule last minute
  8. same rude teacher who put her answer documents in the scratch paper pile, which ends up getting thrown away in the end
  9. stupid teachers who send students to the office during testing instead of having them finish and then disciplining them after the test
  10. teachers who forget to turn in their test material at the end of the day
  11. teachers who don't show up to school and don't tell anyone they were in a car accident or in jail for a DUI. Subs cannot proctor tests so when a teacher does not show up it makes us scramble
  12. students who come to the Library for more time on their test but really are just taking advantage of the the situation so that they can be out of class
  13. aides who show up to work late everyday which prevents them from escorting students to the Library for testing

Now that we only have one day left of actual testing I'm enjoying it and am getting into a rhythm.


Anonymous said...

You should have asked your mother and I would have told you it wasn't worth the stipend.